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Sentek sensors support decision-making

Sentek’s advanced monitoring system for real-time soil moisture profile management Sentek’s technology depicted in the Sentek IrriMAX Live cloud software, monitors in real time the amount of water, temperature and salinity in the soil depth profile and provides high resolution information that presents a dynamic picture of the water profile and dissolution in the soil, […]

GALILEO MC series – Advanced control system, in the precision needed for medical cannabis greenhouses

Based on its extensive experience in cannabis growing farms in Israel and around the world, Galcon developed the GALILEO MC system. The system combines advanced climate control, low-flow operation, and varied irrigation control tailored to the unique needs of cannabis growing. Accurate irrigation control Optimal growth of the cannabis plant requires great precision in irrigation […]

Fertijet Servo (Motorized) Ultra High Precision Fertilizing Machine

Direct injection fertilizing machine with analog servo valves For dosing and high-precision fertigation solutions for greenhouses and open areas Features Homogeneous and continuous fertilizer flow using electric analog servo valves that replace the ON/OFF valves on the fertilizer channels, ensuring maximum precision and speed in achieving the required pH/EC values of the fertilizer mixture Speedy […]