Direct injection fertilizing machine with analog servo valves For dosing and high-precision fertigation solutions for greenhouses and open areas


  • Homogeneous and continuous fertilizer flow using electric analog servo valves that replace the ON/OFF valves on the fertilizer channels, ensuring maximum precision and speed in achieving the required pH/EC values of the fertilizer mixture
  • Speedy response and stabilization time, immediately achieving the required pH/EC values, while maintaining high precision and uniform solution dosage
  • Operated via dedicated software in the Galileo controller, the analog Fertijet machine is operated throughout the fertigation process.
  • The system is available with 1-8 fertilizer channels that are activated simultaneously while fully synchronized
  • Proportional fertigation or according to pH/EC control
  • The analog FERTIJET machine is assembled on a stainless aluminum frame and includes Venturi injectors, electronic flow meters with digital display, booster pump, SERVO fertilizer valves, pressure gauge, fertilizer meters and more


  • Ongoing and uniform fertigation through the dosing channels, for maximum precision
  • Precise fertilizer flow meter, with digital display for each dosing channel
  • Ongoing control of channel flow from closed to open mode
  • High response speed and short stabilization time
  • Operated by dedicated software in the Galileo controller
  • Selecting the amount of fertilizer channels between 1-8, in accordance to the needs of the grower

Technical Features

  • Controller – AC power connection
  • Can be ordered with a 50Hz/220V or 60Hz/110V Galileo controller
  • Three-phase 60Hz/220V or 50Hz/380V booster pump
  • Working pressure 2-7 bar

Sensors and accessories

  • Electrodes and pH/EC controller
  • Pressure sensors
  • Fertilizer Meters
  • Electronic flow meters with digital display