Sentek’s advanced monitoring system for real-time soil moisture profile management

Sentek’s IrriMAX Live cloud software, monitors in real time the amount of water, temperature and salinity in the soil depth profile, and provides high resolution information that presents a dynamic picture of the water profile and dissolution in the soil, as well as data of the plant’s water consumption

Soil moisture profile sensors

Sentek’s sensors measure the volumetric water content in the depth profile of the soil. Measurements are highly accurate based on scientific calibration equations. Measurements take place made every 10 cm, up to a depth of 120 cm (depending on the length of the tracker).

Irrigation management to save water, power, fertilizer and time, while increasing yield and quality


  • Conical tracker (carrot-shaped) that allows simple installation and quick and efficient removal
  • Can be buried at any depth without interfering with soil cultivation
  • Profile measuring is presented in a clean and precise manner
  • Maintenance-free and long-lasting
  • Calibrated sensors providing precise reading on all types of soil.
  • Sensors for measuring humidity, temperature and salinity (optional) every 10 cm along the tracker profile
  • Real-time reading of soil profile data from any device using IrriMAX Live software
  • A cellular transmission unit transmits the readings of the sensors to an online and graphic data server

Drop & Drill sensor in different lengths

Sensors for measuring humidity, temperature and salinity (optional) every 10 cm
Drop & Drill sensor

  • Available in several lengths of 30, 60, 90 and 120 cm
  • Ideal for seasonal use such as monitoring vegetable and row crops thanks to the quick and easy installation and removal technique
  • For long-term use, ideal for plantations, can be installed and left in place for many years
  • Simple and smooth installation, while not creating a muddy mixture for precise, reliable and repetitive reading
  • Combines moisture, temperature and salinity readings (optional) of the soil to create a complete image of what is happening in the soil profile
Compact telemetry

  • Cellular transmission unit directly connected to the tracker
  • An integral SIM card transmits the data to the IrriMAX Live monitoring program
  • External antenna with high transmission capacity to improve coverage (optional)
  • Simple and smooth installation, while not creating a muddy mixture for precise, reliable and repetitive reading
  • Built-in long life battery, without solar panel
Compact telemetry

  • Software based on cloud and browser (no installation required)
  • The software enables monitoring of crop performance and the dynamic condition of the soil with the help of any connected device
  • Monitoring the activity of the roots and changes in the moisture of the soil, at multiple depths up to full soil profile.
  • Dynamic water consumption data
  • Information displayed on a dynamic map that allows understanding and assessing the status of each monitored area
  • A platform rich in features that provides useful information in a simple and convenient manner. Information can be easily shared with staff or agro-consultants as needed

IrriMAX Live

Internet software for ongoing monitoring and viewing the changing water dynamics in the soil, supporting decision-making and irrigation management.

The cloud-based IrriMAX Live interface enables real-time monitoring of the plant’s water consumption and the water condition in the soil profile, essential data for managing a precise and optimal irrigation system. The system can be accessed from any online device, does not require installation and enables easy and intuitive information sharing. Data is graphically displayed on a dynamic map, where the information can be easily organized.

Agronomic advantage:

  • The status of moisture, temperature and humidity of the soil can be viewed from any online connected device.
  • Display of trackers (sensors) on a color-coded map showing the status of the water in the soil.
  • Integrated and customized graphic display, according to the needs and requested data.
  • Determining field capacity thresholds and additional parameters for warning, adding comments and sharing information
  • Establishing a hierarchy of users, permits and information sharing.
  • Two (or more) adjacent probes can be installed in the soil profile to obtain a two-dimensional data image of the status, temperature, and salinity of the water.
  • All data is stored and protected on a secure server.


  • Humidity, temperature and salinity are measured at any depth
  • Focus capabilities on detailed data in any time frame
  • Creating warnings and thresholds regarding humidity, temperature and salinity, as well as system alerts such as low or disconnected battery
  • Editing of colors and thresholds on graphs, with regard to saturation mode, field capacity, pressure input according to the growth stages
  • Monitoring the root of the plants, measuring daily water consumption, water drainage underneath the roots, and rate water penetration
  • Adding and sharing comments with other users or consultants
  • Data-sharing API with other cloud systems
  • Advanced graph generator