About Galcon

Galcon is a world-class producer of computerized irrigation systems and controllers, as well as control systems for use in home gardens, professional and municipal gardening and agriculture.

During our nearly 40 years of operation, Galcon has conducted research in the field, in company laboratories and in external laboratories to continually push the limits of technological advancements. Galcon continues to study the market in depth in order to identify and respond to future trends in the industry.

Thanks to the reliability and durability of our products in all weather conditions, we have gained worldwide recognition.

We are well-known as the primary supplier of irrigation controllers, and are constantly at the forefront of development and innovation in our field.

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Key areas of activity

Residential Gardening

Galcon offers a wide range of power or battery-operated irrigation controllers which are simple to operate and easy to install. With the help of which, the amateur gardener can grow a beautiful and blooming garden at his home.

Turf & Landscape

Galcon offers a wide range of unique AC (electric grid) and DC (battery and solar) powered controllers These controllers include wireless cellular and internet-based irrigation controllers, designed for professional use. The Galcon Smart Irrigation (GSI) system is a central Internet-based system for public landscaping, which manages both irrigation and the water budget. Galcon products are known worldwide for their simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

Open Field Agriculture

Galcon's agricultural products are suitable for a wide range of applications, from the simplest to the most complex, locally programmed for cloud-based capabilities. Our controllers provide extensive open space irrigation management, including wireless remote terminal units and advanced fertigation control. Galcon fertilizer injection machines are capable of managing up to 7 different types of fertilizer and acidity aimed at achieving precise pH/EC levels.


One of the world's leading irrigation and climate control systems that meet every demand through a wide range of products in the field of irrigation, fertigation and climate control. Controlling climate conditions in the greenhouse with the help of powerful and advanced Galileo controller software, managing irrigation and fertigation in the greenhouse with Galcon's dedicated fertilizing machines. All Galcon agricultural products abide by international CE and FCC standards.