Residential Gardening

Considerations in Choosing Residential Gardening Controller

Effective watering is one of the biggest challenges facing the residential gardener. Providing the right amount of water to plants is important, but it is equally important to do so using water efficiently. Irrigation controllers are the heart of any blooming garden – they are the mechanisms that regulate the water supply. This means that when you properly plan your irrigation control system, you can save a lot of money and time with the advantage of saving water resources and preserving the environment.

At Galcon we offer a variety of irrigation controllers: Fully or partially automated, and manual. Irrigation controllers operate the irrigation system whether it is irrigation through the target or dripping, while taking care of irrigation at a fixed time, in the same cycle and every day, because timing is everything. Galcon also offers a wide range of power or battery-operated irrigation controllers, which include Bluetooth-based irrigation controllers that are simple to operate and easy to install, with the help of which it is possible to grow a beautiful and blooming garden at home.

A suggestion for proper use of irrigation controllers for residential gardening from Galcon: In order to maintain such a precious water resource, it is advisable to schedule the irrigation computer so that the garden will be watered in the early morning. Morning watering helps prevent fungal growth and reduces the amount of water lost in evaporation.
Creating a pre-set schedule
Minimum maintenance
Product durability and reliability
Programming flexibility
Efficient water usage
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