GSI PRO Series

New generation controllers from Galcon.  Accurate control of irrigation and fertilization, including unique control capabilities from anywhere and at any time, simply and precisely.

Cloud based unit

Cloud-based control from anywhere at any time. Receive real-time email alerts and / or “push” notifications using the widget.

Control of 2 irrigation heads

Full control of 2 irrigation heads including: 2 water meters, 4 fertilizer pumps and rinsing filters in each head.

4 faucets + main faucet

24 start times for each irrigation program 8 irrigation programs per head

8 fertilization programs with EC and pH control

Full control of Galcon’s Fertijet fertilizer system. 3 fertilizer channels + 1 acid channel with full pH / EC control in a closed circuit, or up to 3 local fertilizers per irrigation head.

Working with Gal1way Radio

Ability to operate hydraulic valves from a distance of up to 3 km depending on the typographic conditions in the field.

Analog inputs for sensors

AC controller including up to 5 analog inputs, DC controller up to 3 analog inputs per sensor such as pressure, temperature sensors, voltmeters, etc.

Flushing filters

Dedicated control module for automatic control of filtering arrays.