Sentek’s advanced monitoring system for real-time soil moisture profile management

Sentek’s technology depicted in the Sentek IrriMAX Live cloud software, monitors in real time the amount of water, temperature and salinity in the soil depth profile and provides high resolution information that presents a dynamic picture of the water profile and dissolution in the soil, as well as data of the plant’s water consumption.

Soil moisture profile sensors

Sentek’s sensors measure volumetric water content in the depth profile of the soil. The measurement is highly accurate, and based on scientific calibration equations. Measurements are made every 10 cm, up to a depth of 120 cm (depending on the length of the tracker).

Irrigation management saves water, power, fertilizer and time, while increases yield and quality


  • Conical tracker (carrot-shaped) that allows simple installation and a quick and efficient removal
  • Can be buried at any depth without interfering with soil cultivation
  • Profile measuring is presented in a clean and precise manner
  • Maintenance-free and long-lasting
  • Calibrated sensors provide precise reading on all types of soil.
  • Sensors for measuring humidity, temperature and salinity (optional) every 10 cm along the tracker profile
  • Real-time reading of soil profile data from any device using IrriMAX Live software
  • A cellular transmission unit transmits the readings of the sensors to an online and graphic data server