Application-driven control - smart phone and computer
User-friendly Web interface
Outdoor waterproof enclosure
Application-driven control
Log-in from any computer without the need for software installation
New, advanced graphic interface


  • Controls up to 24 valves + master valve
  • Proportional/precision quantity fertigation
  • Automatic filtering operating program
  • Connection to terminal units via one-way radio
  • Multiple users with authorization hierarchy
  • 8 irrigation programs (series), unlimited starts per day
  • Compatible with existing valves
  • Remote software updates via the cellular network – Over The Air (OTA)
  • Detailed reporting: irrigation logs, water consumption
  • Real-time alarms to email and/or push messages from the application
  • Adjustment of irrigation regime in percentages
  • Quantity-based or time-based irrigation
  • Weather-based irrigation
  • Controllers displayed on a map
  • Option to shut off irrigation
  • For indoor and outdoor installation

Technical Characteristics

DC controller – lithium battery powered, rechargeable from a solar panel or from the electricity grid

AC controller – powered from the electricity grid

Built-in antenna

Sensors & Accessories

  • Water meter
  • Connection to fertilizer pump
  • Rain Sensor