For automatic irrigation of up to 20 pots
Includes a high-quality irrigation controller
Including piping and accessories
Simple installation, no need for any special tools
Automatic, effective irrigation of the plant roots


  • An automatic irrigation system for balconies containing all of the necessary accessories
  • Controllers can be selected – Model 9001EZ or 9001BT, which is controlled via a smart phone
  • The kit includes: piping, drippers, connectors and irrigation controller
  • Maximum flexibility in irrigating the plant


Balcony Kit including 9001BT controller

Description Automatic irrigation system for balconies including a controller – 9001BT – for operation and programming of the controller with a user-friendly, intuitive application
Controls Installation on a single sillcock, for automatic irrigation of up to 20 pots
Suitable for implementation Irrigating flowerpots and window boxes, irrigation in patios and roof gardening