Ongoing and uniform fertigation through the dosing channels, for maximum precision
Precise fertilizer flow meter, with digital display for each dosing channel
Ongoing control of channel flow from closed to open mode
High response speed and short stabilization time
Operated by dedicated software in the Galileo controller
Selecting the amount of fertilizer channels between 1-8, in accordance to the needs of the grower


  • Homogeneous and continuous fertilizer flow using electric analog servo valves that replace the ON/OFF valves on the fertilizer channels, ensuring maximum precision and speed in achieving the required pH/EC values of the fertilizer mixture
  • Speedy response and stabilization time, immediately achieving the required pH/EC values while maintaining high precision and uniform solution dosage
  • Operated via dedicated software in the Galileo controller, the analog Fertijet machine is operated throughout the fertigation process.
  • The system is available with 1-8 fertilizer channels that are activated simultaneously while fully synchronized
  • Proportional fertigation or according to pH/EC control
  • The analog FERTIJET machine is assembled on a stainless aluminum frame and includes Venturi injectors, electronic flow meters with digital display, booster pump, SERVO fertilizer valves, pressure gauge, fertilizer meters and more

Technical Features

  • Controller – AC power connection
  • Can be ordered with a 50Hz/220V or 60Hz/110V Galileo controller
  • Three-phase 60Hz/220V or 50Hz/380V booster pump
  • Working pressure 2-7 bar

Sensors & Accessories

  • Electrodes and pH/EC controller
  • Pressure sensors
  • Fertilizer Meters
  • Electronic flow meters with digital display


FERTIJET analog fertilizing machine

Description Direct injection fertilizing machine with analog servo valves
Control Via Galileo controller
Flow Low flow (120 l/h), Medium flow (350 l/h), High flow (700-1200 l/h)
Suitable for application Open Field Agriculture and Greenhouses