For high pressure or low pressure operation
Real-time pH/EC monitoring of water drainage
Option for standalone operation or connection to irrigation controllers
"Temperature compensation" during measurement by built-in sensor
Sample glass


  • Precision EC sampling and monitoring system enabling electrical conductivity control in water, thus allowing to monitor mineral solvents in water
  • Possibility of fertigation according to online pH/EC analysis
  • Sampling is taken during and after irrigation
  • Depending on the measured values, the controller will automatically perform the following actions:
  • Increasing the amount of water in the next cycle
  • Reducing the dose of fertilizer/acid in the next cycle
  • The basic system includes 2 sampling points and pH/EC controller

Technical Features

  • 24V AC 50/60Hz ± 25% 5W feed voltage
  • Maximum working temperature 50°C
  • Minimum working temperature 5°C
  • Outputs – 4-20mA

Sensors & Accessories

  • Electrodes and pH/EC controller


3050 pH/EC sampling and monitoring system

Description pH/EC sampling and analysis system
Control over Operated by Galileo controller or standalone
Suitable for application Hydroponics, greenhouses, open fields