Galileo Cloud Series

Precise irrigation control via the cloud – the controller’s cellular connection to the cloud allows full control from any device – computer, tablet or smartphone.

Advanced irrigation control – the system operates up to 120 hydraulic valves operated by 100 irrigation programs, with each program operating up to 4 valves or 4 groups of valves – a maximum of 40 valves in total, irrigating through 2 different lines (including fertilization on each line).

SENTEK smart sensor system – the controller connects via the cloud to the advanced SENTEK sensor system, which enables precise irrigation and significant water savings.

Fertilization control – up to 50 fertilization programs according to relative fertilization for EC / pH required.

Fog control – fog time control, operating time according to temperature and humidity conditions, operation according to logical conditions, drain monitoring and filter flushing.

Fertilizer system – a mixing/dosing fertilizer system available in different sizes, for maximum accuracy of the fertilizer solutions. The system also provides the required irrigation pressure and the ready-to-use mixture.

Grain crops – allows automatic correction of fertilization programs as well as amounts of water, including activating rinsing at extreme drainage values.

Lighting control – The controller controls the lighting system according to the surrounding environment, and provides the plant with optimal and variable lighting regimes according to the environmental conditions and stages of growth.

Control of analog lighting

Comprehensive climate control

Differential management of 4 climate cells in one controller, in addition to irrigation and fertilization control the GALILEO CLOUD performs complete and accurate climate control on different agricultural areas and provides a complete response to the environmental needs of the crop. The controller connects to all the climate components and to a variety of sensors for precise control over the conditions required by the grower.