Fertigation management, supervision, and control for agricultural applications
Application controlled- computer and smartphone
User-friendly web interface
Easy to operate fertigation system
Can be accessed from any computer with no need to install software
New and advanced graphic interface


  • Single-channel fertilizer control
  • Proportional and precise quantitative fertigation
  • For automatic watering, fertilizing and filter flushing control
  • Fertilizer flow, with options of 120, 350, 700, 1200 liters per hour
  • Including fertilizer meter, stainless aluminum frame, Venturi injector,
  • Flow meter and three-phase booster pump, and irrigation controllerGSI AG Series
  • Real-time alarm notification via e-mail and/or push notification from the application

Technical Features

  • Controller – AC power connection
  • Can be ordered with a 50Hz/220V or 60Hz/110V GSI controller
  • Three-phase 60Hz/220V or 50Hz/380V booster pump
  • Working pressure 2-6 bar

Sensors & Accessories

  • Water meter connection
  • Connection to fertilizer
  • Connection to rain sensor


GSI AG fertilizer machine

Description Electrically or battery powered controller
Control Control of the number of irrigation valves 2-24
Suitable for application Large and complex gardens