Advanced climate control for greenhouses
Operation of fertilizing machines with EC/pH control
Operation of remote terminal units - radio or wireline
Flexibility - ideal for a range of applications
Modular system


  • Controls remote terminal units in the field
  • For operation and control of pump houses, filters, fertigation systems, valves and any field hydraulic device
  • For irrigation and fertigation in open farmlands, sheds and greenhouses
  • Ideal for controlling irrigation systems in open fields, greenhouses, nurseries and climate control
  • A modular system, scalable according to the number of devices in the field
  • Irrigation according to field conditions: sensors, water meters, fertilizer meters
  • Precision fertigation using various methods such as: EC/pH control, proportional fertigation etc.

GALILEO Open field version

Galileo’s open field water irrigation software is a unique application designed to provide a wide range of irrigation solutions. The open field version is suitable for small irrigation systems as well as for large irrigation areas, using radio or wired terminal units. The graphical capabilities of the software allow the users to see a realistic picture of the watered field.

  • The app allows you to control up to 50 main irrigation lines, and thus create a hierarchical network
  • Gradually open/close irrigation capacity to prevent high pressure buildup
  • Limiting the flow rate to the piping in case of bottleneck. After programming the limiting flow rate, the system prevents the actual flow rate from automatically exceeding the limit
  • 200 irrigation devices that collect data related to water/time and up to 7 different fertilizers
  • 100 water meters that distribute the amount and flow rate of water measured by the water meter between the active valves. This unique capability allows the use of a single water meter for many valves, while simultaneously operating each valve individually
  • Up to 40 local fertilizer pumps use a simple action program that is part of the irrigation program
  • Up to 8 fertilizer centers allow up to 6 fertilizer pumps to be operated, with pH/EC control
  • Five pump housings thanks to a special program. This allows easy operation of a combination of up to 5 water pumps and up to a total of 20 water pumps
  • Up to 20 virtual water meters by displaying the total flow rate and accumulation of water meters. Each virtual water meter can also display the flow rate balance at a certain point, allowing the use of the element called Burst Control (Net Protection)
  • Up to 20 input conditions for starting, delaying or ending irrigation. If an element contains a condition input and/or a sensor (for example, a pressure transducer), it can suspend the hinge pipe to which it is connected
  • Up to 4 mixing nodes for controlling the mixture of the water dilution. For example, if the result of mixing drainage or salt water with fresh water complies with the required EC
  • Up to 200 irrigation programs with up to 50 valves per program

GALILEO Greenhouse version

Greenhouse irrigation software combines an irrigation system with up to 4 climate control systems in the same controller. The irrigation system for greenhouses consists of one irrigation head with a fertilizer center that performs sophisticated fertilizer injection of up to 8 different fertilizers.

Climate Control

Differential management of 4 climate cells in one controller

  • Indoor climate sensors – Temperature, humidity, CO2
  • Outdoor Climate Sensors – Wind speed and direction, radiation, rain, outside temperature, outside humidity
  • Windows/curtains – Control of up to 10 windows including roof, at 10 different opening degrees
  • Shading processes – For controlling long/short day processes
  • Fans – Differential control of up to 4 groups of fans
  • Thermal screens – Control up to 4 screens in 4 opening degrees
  • Cooling system – Based on wet pads or misting system
  • Heating system – Based on water or air, including a circuit heating program that allows PID control of the water temperature
  • CO2 enrichment – CO2 generator control according to windows and ventilation control
  • Air Circulation – Differential control up to 6 ventilators, according to the settings of temperature, humidity, CO2 and more
  • Spraying – Optimal spray spreading by means of window control, ventilation and cooling


  • 100 Irrigation programs operating 4 generators and 16 valves in each program
  • Up to 50 fertigation programs according to proportional fertigation, in order to obtain the required pH/EC
  • Mist – Spraying time control, according to temperature and humidity conditions. Operates in relation to logical conditions, drainage monitoring and flushing of filters

Technical Features

AC model

  1. I/O Cards:
    24 outputs, 16 analogue, 8/16 digital inputs/outputs
  2. 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
  3. 24V outputs, 4-20mA analog inputs
  4. Activation of radio end units (W, WEX, WEXX models)

DC model

  1. I/O Cards:
    8 digital inputs / 8 outputs
  2. 12V DC power supply, for operation of DC Latch solenoids
  3. Activation of radio end units (W Model)
  4. Connection to solar panel and rechargeable battery

Sensors & Accessories

  • A variety of analog and digital sensors
  • Water and fertilizer meters
  • Tensiometers, soil humidity sensors, weather stations
  • pH/EC sensors
  • Radio terminal units
  • Operating fertilizer machines


Galileo WEX

Description Modular controller in a large case
Control Control of pump housings, filters, fertilizers, valves
Suitable for application Open fields, greenhouses
Ports 4 brackets for input/output cards and 4 brackets for protection cards

Galileo WEXX

Description Modular controller in a large case
Control Control of pump housings, filters, fertilizers, valves
Suitable for application Open fields, greenhouses
Ports 8 input/output card holders, 4 protection card holders, additional small case for full protection