6 built-in filtering programs suitable for most filters, while fully modifiable
Possibility of connecting a differential pressure gauge
Easy installation and simple use
Electrically or battery powered


  • Flushing cycles start according to the differential pressure gauge, times, and manually from the controller
  • Main programming parameters: Flushing cycle times, filter flushing time, different delay and response times
  • From main body / downstream
  • From delay valve
  • Fault warning output
  • End cycle output for chained flush controllers

Technical Features

  • AC – 6 or 12 filter units (connection to 24V solenoids, 220V/110V power supply)
  • DC – 6 or 12 filter units (connection to 12V DC latch solenoids, 220V/110V power supply) Power supply: 4 type D 1.5V batteries or external 12VDC power source

Sensors & Accessories

  • Differential Pressure Gauge


Filter flushing controller

Description Filter flushing controller, suitable for most filters available on the market.
Control over Flushing of up to 12 units in a filters battery
Suitable for application Open field, greenhouses