Considerations in choosing an irrigation controller

Efficient and precise fertigation are among the largest challenges facing farmers.

Nowadays, farmers are more focused than ever on managing a precise, high-quality and cost-effective production industry, in order to make informed decisions about the right amount of fertigation according to changing weather and plant needs, to attain optimal results and productivity.

Irrigation controllers are the brain of any agricultural area. The controller is able to combine the parameters according to the farmer’s definitions, aimed at matching the needs of the plant with a precise fertigation operation. Proper design of the irrigation control system makes it possible to maximize the crop and its quality, as well as to pinpoint the precise supply of fertilizer and water required for the actual needs of the plant.

Galcon offers a variety of irrigation controllers for greenhouses.

Agricultural controllers for greenhouses include control and operation of precise fertigation systems with advanced operating capabilities of diverse climate systems.

Advanced climate control for greenhouses
Modular controllers
Precise supply of water and fertilizer
Cost-effective water usage
Reliability and expertise
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