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1 fertilizer pump assembly, 350L/H 50Hz »
1 adjustable fertilizer flow-meter for 160L/H »
1 adjustable fertilizer flow-meter for 40 - 400L/H »
Electric valves
Installed on the entrance of the
machine. Fully open/closed.
Connected to the controller.
Controlled by the controller.
Calculates the required injection
rate and operates the solenoid
Changing rate
1-2 second working/pausing time
Flow meter
Transparent conic tube with a ball
inside that rises according to the
momentary flow rate of the fertilizer.
Includes a small valve for adjustment
of the flow rate.
Fertimeter (optional)
Sends pulses to the controller
According to volume
Hydraulic valve
Normally closed to prevent leakage
of fertilizer into the empty line when
the system is idle
Galcon’s Fertijet is unique bypass fertigation machine with direct injection that is designed to help maximize
the application efficiency of fertilizers and acids with user-friendly on board or remote programming.
The integrated sensors monitor and regulate EC and pH levels and precision venturi injectors provide
accurate control. Each Fertijet is equipped with a Galileo or Galstar controllers - both of which are highly
customizable to let the grower manage irrigation and fertigation from the same machine.
Fertijet 50Hz S/N AI0303
medium pressure (up to 4 bar)